New Focus RS

The new generation of leading Focus has left the best impression with entertaining character, its road behavior and how 'effortlessly' passes on the way the power of the 2.3 EcoBoost.Gia those who can harness ... more than 350 horses normal version, the Ford Performance presents Focus RS with upgraded from Mountune engine. The interventions identified - among others - the air filter, the air recirculation valve and engine mapping.

With the overboost help, the maximum power rises to 375 PS and torque to 510 Nm. As a result, the 100 km / h coming from a standstill in 4,5 sec (4,7 sec over the 'plain »Focus RS). The Mountune upgrade package will be available in selected European countries, among them Ms. Britain (where it costs 900 pounds), without of course changing the factory warranty.

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