New VW Amarok

Modern pick ups are not just a "tool" with Spartan interior and moderate handling. Like demonstrates the renewed Amarok, is well equipped and safe on any terrain ... The Volkswagen presents the updated version of Amarok exactly the right time: now that all competitors have launched their new models in the category of vehicles with a payload tone. Since 2009, when it was launched, it has recorded almost 500,000 sales worldwide. Plus design and technologically updated, with a key change the placement of a V6 diesel in three power versions, with 163, 204 and 224 horsepower.

We drove the top Amarok Aventura streets around Munich, but also in off-road route with great difficulty. Apart from the 224 PS, we had an automatic gearbox eight relations and permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive with Torsen differential of. The EDL electronic differential undertakes to send torque to the wheel with the best grip and extreme off road use optionally available mechanical lock on the rear axle.

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