There will be a new Delta HF Integrale?

The experts of Gruppo FCA break their heads, think and consult, conduct secret meetings in Turin with a central theme anything from a formal decision to give life to the new Integrale. Dream life or utopia?

To clarify something before you create the wrong impression. The new Integrale as we envision in groupo will have no relation to the existing range of Lancia. This further arouses our imagination ...

Sirens from Italy side, they want the new Delta to be built carefully on the promising "Giorgio" platform, which uses the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, the only difference being the more gathered wheelbase of the new model with "heavy" name.

Because this is not a scenario, but realistic plan, leaked that Delta Integrale will nourish the new two-liter 4-cylinder biturbo petrol engine that performs the "rustic" of the Giulia.

The strength in the case of the Integrale will climb to 350 horsepower, with the components belong exclusively to Alfa Romeo, the permanent all-wheel drive is a creation of the Magna and the assembly of the "beast" to place the sacred space of Modena please.

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