Hamilton dominates USA GP

The British took his fourth victory in Austin and 7th this year, reducing the difference in score champion Nico Rosberg.

Austin Reserves all weekend great time for teams and drivers perhaps as compensation for what they pulled last year with Hurricane. The start of the race was solemn presence of many actors and athletes but unfortunately the sequel was not proportionate.

The poleman Lewis Hamilton kept the lead at the start and then lost without conceding any threat. Hamilton proceeded on like Rosmpergk, Ferstapen with the soft tire. But he did not lose a position opposed to the other two. The third Rosmpergk found behind Rikiarnto and Ferstapen fifth behind Raikkonen. Both Rikiarnto and Raikkonen took advantage of a better start to the very soft rubber Pirelli's wearing.

Snapshot from the start.

From the pioneers entered the pit lane before the 10th round of Raikkonen and Rikiarnto. Reasonable as were the very soft compound. What struck me was that the very next lap Ferstapen with the soft tire also changed tires. In the 12th round came Hamilton and immediately after the Rosmpergk. All except the German put the soft tire. The Rosmpergk at this point put the average eraser. Vettel on the other continued until the 16th round of the very soft compound. A strategy baffled by Ferrari's side as the German lost significant ground moving slowly.

On the other hand, Ferstapen very quickly passed Raikkonen taking advantage of the speed of soft rubber and began pushing the Rosmpergk. On the side of Vettel when his tires started falling Raikkonen had seven laps more approached and began pushing the other Ferrari. To avoid any drama in 25th round they pulled the putting Raikkonen in the pit of the very soft compound. Here obviously the Ferrari went to three pit stops with Finn. It seemed that very difficult to be able to end the race to claim the fourth position it after startup.

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