"Pokemon Go" is a spy?

Do not play the world famous game «Pokemon go» advises students Turkish historian Empoumpekir Sofouoglou, he says, playing the game, we publicize photographing the streets of our cities and we load them into the system, which acts as a substitute for aspiring spies .
Speaking in Malatya, the Sofouoglou, who is a professor at Saggarios University, said specifically that "if it comes a spy and begin photographing major roads, public services and the military buildings, the police will catch and expel him from the country . But he can not do all this because we ourselves we load the game system all these photos. "
"When you play Pokémon sell out your country," said professor and predicted that "the game will be banned."
Proportionate and consistent with the climate that has developed in Turkey in recent times are the views of the professor, who is known for his conspiracy theories formulated for attempted assassination of President Erdogan and the "how similar the enemies of the Sultan Ampntoulchamit with them Erdogan ".
Supporter of Ottomanism is Professor and argues against "apoothomanopoiisis' Turkey and of course the ideas of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. In broadcast was transmitted argues that "it is not a national attitude to copy the Civil Code of Switzerland in this video" Champertourk "channel on September 23 of this year." The Civil Code adopted in Turkey in 1926, ended in Turkey in application of religious rules in civil law.
The Sofouoglou is a staunch supporter of the ruling Justice and Development Party. 2015 filed with the ruling party parliamentary application form, which however was not accepted.

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