Conflict senarios for USA-Russia

"The clash of superpowers," was the title chosen by Der Spiegel to the latest issue of, in front of which is dominated by pictures of two roughened presidents, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, background ruins of the martyr Aleppo. The section of the German magazine, in fact, hit it fell to the situation, as the hours just was going to press, the confrontation between Russians and Americans seemed to escalate unchecked and dangerous. Besides, this is why Tuesday, another German document, the newspaper Die Welt, he made his own tribute to "New Cold War between the US and Russia," even putting directly the question "In what part is the Germany? "-which, if nothing else, shows concern for further intensification, which will force everyone to choose camps.

Indeed, the image that dominates the last time the planet is (cold) war, giving the impression that -kapos and in some way- it is almost time of the cleansing of the accounts between the US and Russia, both old and new. In other words, between the stable and by far strongest superpower and the country which seems determined to recover and to safeguard some of the glamor of the Soviet era. Undoubtedly, the political uncertainty in Washington because of the upcoming presidential elections and different perceptions expressing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for relations with Putin, creates fertile ground for "hot events" or even generalized conflict.

The threat directly expressed publicly the deputy Prime Minister of a country directly involved in the Syrian civil war, Turkey. The world "is on the verge of a major regional or global war," he said, making it clear that the "war by proxy" between the US and Russia can develop into direct conflict, before you understand it and managed to prevent such a development.

It could certainly be argued that "dog that barks does not bite," but that the attacks conducted on both sides are more verbal and have to do with domestic consumption. Unfortunately, developments in various war fronts refute those optimistic and cause legitimate concerns for the next day. Much more as the "barking" is accompanied by actions that many considered definitively belong to the dustbin of history -as nuclear threat, which came back to the surface with Putin's decision to suspend the destruction of enriched plutonium and "leaks" from the side partners.

The strongest argument, however, is in favor of the opinion that the worst days we do not have even seen is that traditionally, the war was the continuation of politics by other means, when she was unable to give convincing and viable solutions to major problems and antagonisms. Unfortunately, the multifaceted crisis facing humanity today has been shown, in many cases, it can no longer be treated with conventional means.

John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, who met today in Lausanne, is experienced enough to know it and not to put up the bar ...

Raging cyber

Donald Trump has expressed his respect (if not admiration) in the person of Vladimir Putin. By contrast, Hillary Clinton has pledged to pursue a hard line against the Russian leader if elected US president. So if anything, it is plausible the allegations made by the partners of the former First Lady and Secretary of State for 'underground cooperation "of the rival camp to Moscow to get released secret files of Wikileaks to expose it, and intercept of mail millions of members and supporters of the Democratic Party by Russian hackers.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg of a war that has already begun, but few understand it. This conflict of Americans and Russians on the Internet, where new powerful weapons tested offered by technological development and information technology, which, even without the sound of the explosion or filled neighborhoods dead and wounded, can bring equally catastrophic results. Their aim is infrastructure and all the sensitive areas of the enemy and not a few experts and analysts who argue that the Third World War will take place mainly in this front-where, of course, except for the Americans and the Russians, active and Chinese ...

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