Apple warns its Amazon customers

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Star Mobile, a provider of online store Amazon which passes as chargers and cables that are compatible with their devices as original accessories. This difference can cause endanger the safety of iPhone and iPad users, argues the Cupertino giant.

To demonstrate the danger of them, from the US company bought more than one cententar chargers and subjected to tests that pass the original true chargers, a test that failed to successfully overcome.

"The products are poorly built, with inferior components or the absence thereof, faulty design, and electrical insulation is inadequate," argues the company.

To try to fix Apple has filed a million dollar lawsuit to Mobile Star for improper use of its brand, while has called for the suspension of the sale thereof. A lawsuit also names Amazon not to curb the sale of counterfeit devices.

Specifically, although Mobile Star is a foreign seller to Amazon, the company's telephone equipment itself that is covered under the program Fulfilment by Amazon , which allow these cables and chargers are available within the shipping and advantages of Prime program .

Apple argues that this support Amazon makes consumers still make the mistake and think that the chargers compatible with their devices actually are official products, something they are not.

The e - commerce platform for its part has expressed his intention of collaborating with Apple and ensures that works on your platform banish fake products that away today, a recurring complaint and that includes even pirated books.

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