Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley

Once a month, the former winners of the schools that excluded the sex chapri inventions take their revenge, giving fasaraki a party with isotonic drinks, many drugs and orgies, according to a Bloomberg reporter revealing magazine
Until now they have xanamesei the Giapis of Wall Street or film stars who were prone to all sorts of orgies: the old generation addicted to adrenaline, drugs and casual sex has been replaced by new technologists tycoons, starring in organizing such party type. Only these have changed character: they are accompanied by non-alcoholic beverages, they are isotonic and offer plenty of drugs that include or rather dominate Molly pills - the new trend.

It is the shifting of the old ecstasies, which also have as a necessary complement the strong beats, children's music or at least the high decibels that can bring the new members to euphoria. So, there are all the times when "Eyes Wide Shut" fantasies refer to directed states of rage between candlesticks and old libraries. Now the rages are taking place on boats or in unknown suburbs of San Francisco with key starters new owners of startup technology companies - the new Silicon Valley mongers. Women are understood to be here, as in the case of Wall Street, almost absent or, in any event, playing exclusively the role of entertaining guests.

All these reveal the book by journalist of Bloomberg Emily Chang, which after thorough investigation into the dark world of technology - and part of - and chauvinistic behavior of men who have primacy in the field wrote the book «Brotopia: Breaking the Silicon Valley Boys' Club, which is due to be released in February.
Excerpts but only secured the «Vanity Fair» and have already caused great concern for the multitude of information surfacing about the orgies and the aggressive behavior of the various managers and key personnel who star in Silicon Valley: «At least one month, usually on Friday or Saturday nights, Silicon Valley technocrats gather for a full party for drugs and sex. The most common event is hosted in a luxurious home on the lips of Hillsborough.

In special cases, guests are forced to travel north, to a tower in the Napa Valley or to a private villa on Malibu beach or a boat in Ibiza. The parts are changing but most of the players and protagonists are left alone. " To add with some surprise the writer that the stories told her "about 25 people from those who participated in these parties are remarkable for different reasons each. Many participants did not seem annoyed, nor did they seem ashamed.

On the contrary, they are proud to speak of how they have overturned traditions and personal examples, just as they do with the world of technology. " In short, Silicon Valley's young protagonists consider it natural if they think "out of context" with regard to their inventions, to do the same in the other areas of their lives. Of course, in this case, the choices are, according to the writer, again victims of women, as their possible participation makes them insolvent for the company, and their respective denials put them on the black list. As for men, the explanation of the argument is simple and probably has to do with the fact that the college's foreign nerds, who have been deprived of an intense sexual life by devoting more time to their next invention, now take their blood back with occasional conjunctions and orgies. In short, the well-known nerds become short-time entrepreneurs.

As the Vanity Fair points out, it is not accidental to circulate the book in times when everyone is talking about sexual harassment and abundant examples come to light every day. When everyone is focusing on Hollywood, few get bored to talk about San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The journalist and writer Emily Chang is doing the first thing in a nutshell: "It is likely that directors and top investors will hold a million dollars a year and earn another million after a long career.

But employees in companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat can make the same money in only a few years. Famous people such as Kutcher, Leth and Di Caprio have already invested in such companies. Basketball player Lembron has already re-launched himself as a technology entrepreneur. With so many famous people wanting to get into the game of technology, it's no surprise that some in Silicon Valley consider their world to be very charming - and they also have great expectations for their sex life. "

In short, new millionaires are no longer coming from the problematic stock market or the world of bankers but from technology.

The author uses testimonies by others to emphasize how absurd this world looks to non-Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and brings some examples from the economic field. She does not, however, conceal details of the way such gatherings are organized, according to testimonies of people who have witnessed or participated: "The guests arrive just before dinner and are scrutinized by special guards who can not accept someone off the list. Sometimes there is special catering.

But because in most cases they do not want irrelevant guests, dinner is cooked on-site by those present - perhaps because the dishwashing, after sweet, helps the world come closer. Alcohol is scarce and there is just to cool the atmosphere a little bit, but drugs do not slow to make their appearance. It goes without saying that MDMA, ecstasy or else Molly, is known for its effective effect on transforming strangers into friends. It's no accident that Molly's pills often list the company's initials. That's why some people, when referring to these parties, make it coded with "e-parties".

"MDMA is the terribly powerful and long-acting drug that causes such euphoria and energy that can keep you active for three or four hours. As dopamine increases, the closer the links become in the room, and the behaviors that are needed are gradually overlooked.

Hats and splashes begin. However, they are not orgies in themselves but for individual sexual encounters where the guests are divided into trio or larger groups. Some people disappear in the rooms, although they often open it in front of everyone. The night leaves and dawn comes in, and the groups serve breakfast - after which they restart the erotic works. Fai, drugs, sex, and sex again. "

"These sex parties happen so often they are not even scandalous - and they are not a common secret. At least they are telling me. It's just a lifestyle issue. As most say: "We no longer live in the age of Makarhism but in Silicon Valley of the 21st Century". No one is required to participate and participation is not kept hidden even if it is a married or in a relationship. They just try to be discreet - at least in their everyday lives. Many are invited to the party as husband-couples, lovers, since the new regularity in this world is open relations. "

Ready for jungle ceremonies!

A new world is born in Silicon Valley where nothing is taken for granted - not even a companion. Of course, electronic invitations usually have codes like "we call you at a party on the edge of the Earth". And guests must be "ready and prone to adventure and enjoy jungle ceremonies."

In this call, which was sent to an invited guest named Jane Doe (a pseudonym that is used in English either for someone unknown or for someone who does not want to reveal his identity), the hosts were the same a pair of her bosses - who naturally participated in the "African-inspired orgies."

The specially designed room of the house had safari decoration and was full of fake skins in the place of the carpets, while it had fur pillows ready to welcome the guests. It goes without saying that the majority of the guests in such a party must be women - and this for the author is indicative of the male-dominated world but also of the underestimated role of the woman in Silicon Valley.

The same is true of another woman who has happened to be present: "Women rush to these parties most of the time to secure a better place. To be clear, there are many party slogans depending on the type of sexual experimentation. Some are sexually exclusive, but they do not have any alcohol (to achieve high performance), while others make sure there is a better proportion of men and women.

Most, however, have a lot of drugs and many women and end up with the famous "cuddle puddles" (the group hugs after parties), which is the essential stage for orgies. Men are usually invited by the host and can bring as many women as they want - but they are not allowed as women's escorts. Women invited are required to be alone. Invitations are sent either verbally or through Facebook or Snapchat because they can be deleted after a while.

It goes without saying that everything is encoded so you can not move it to another source. Besides, they do not need to be explained.

Typical is the case of Ava who "worked as an influential executive at Google when her boss succeeded in such a party. He saw him sitting on a specially-made bench and giving a jerk in the back of a young man who made him a mouthful of love at the same time that she was accepting the penetration of someone else.

Ava and her boss exchanged eyeglasses, but never mentioned that fatal encounter. A few months later, in another incident, far from Google's offices, a married colleague attempted an obscene gesture. And when he told him "but what are you doing, you're not okay! Do not touch me! "He replied," I know what you are doing, everyone in the office is commenting on you. " It is no coincidence that a little later she was forced to give up and leave Google completely. " And this is indicative of the fact that, while no man is stigmatized by his participation in such orgies, it is not the same as women who are always punished in the worst way.

An example is Esther Crawford, a businessman who was particularly familiar with sex parties, as the author says: "Crawford had a monogamous relationship for four years with Chris Messina, a former Google employee and Uber, a well-known and as an inventor of the hashtag. Recently, both have launched a Molly company -which is not randomly identified with the name of the drug- developing a kind of "electronic and discreet pet with artificial intelligence that can stand in different ways next to the user."

They even chose to become monogamy for some time, because complicating things with others complicated things a little. At the same time, they developed their company to such an extent that in December 2017 they had already raised $ 1.5 million for their company. Crawford, as a successful entrepreneur, could accurately list the difficulties a woman encounters - which a man can not even think of.

When she raised money for her second company, a social networking application called Glmps went to dinner with an investor in a modern restaurant on San Francisco's main street. At the end of the night the investor cut her a $ 20,000 check and then immediately tried to kiss her. "It was clear I resisted him," Crawford says categorically. "I went back and asked him to call me a Uber." She claims that the investor is most likely to have heard of her being sexually open, and that it was difficult for her to simply appear as an investor rather than as a conqueror. It was something like his obligation. " A simple proof that a woman who is experimenting with a party of this kind or who can have a comfortable life in her sex life is obliged to accept the persistent sexual harassment of her male colleagues.

However, there is also the opposite side, according to the book, of the young owners of technology companies who also suffer the sexual pressures of young girls who are willing to take part in order to secure either money, a rich escort, or an upswing in some of companies. Chang, who is well acquainted with many stories from the world of technology, refers, among other things, to the case of Helen Pao, a senior executive in a technology company who had won the sexual harassment case against Clint Perkin's boss, but has since been in black stocks and he had received all sort of threat because he just dared to talk.

Of course he has never found a job in Silicon Valley. Another typical example that you see in the book is that of the well-known Sequoia company, where a shareholder has publicly stated that they are not willing to lower their standards by recruiting women, as well as interviews with Facebook and YouTube's director, through which it appears that women in managerial posts are a rare phenomenon.

More generally, the sexual examples cited by the famous journalist are intended to show that, like Hollywood, once considered the land of dreams and proven to be the land of discrimination, Silicon Valley is not a "fantastic world of unicorns, online reality bows, and three-dimensional lollipops, where millions of dollars grow on trees. It's a Brotopia, where men have all the cards in their hands and they are defending. " Even sexual liberation here is not mentioned for good - not as an example of freedom, but as a negative example of female oppression and marginalization.

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