Zuckerberg will destroy Snapchat: Facebook will also have Stories


The main attraction of Snapchat is the ability to share videos and photos with expiration, some ephemeral publications that Instagram has already modeled with the arrival of Stories . Now, Mark Zuckerberg has set out to remove all interest in the social network of the yellow ghost incorporating this same functionality to the same Facebook.

As revealed by Business Insider , Facebook has begun testing Stories on your mobile application in Ireland, which is expected to soon be extended to other users.

It is recalled that when Facebook launched alternatives to Me Gusta , was tested first inthe Spanish and Irish version of Facebook before launching to all users in the world, which it is estimated that the stories being tested in Ireland will reach the Rest of countries in a few months.

The Facebook Stories operate identically to the Stories of Instagram and by extension, those of Snapchat-, so that friends of social network can view for 24 hours videos and photos published in this format. So, users also have filters, stickers and freehand notes with which to customize their shots.

The truth is that Zuckerberg's strategy of using Instagram to turn off interest in Snapchat is working thanks to the large user base that has its photographic social network. Instagram already has 600 million users of the application, of which about 150 million use the Histories, a figure close to the total Snapchat users.

The next arrival of this option Facebook is expected a success thanks to the almost 1,800 million users that the network is worldwide, of which 1,660 million are exclusively mobile, so that the functionality of the Histories will be essential To trigger its use.

This offensive by Zuckerberg against Snapchat comes in full rumors of an upcoming IPO of the company of Evan Spiegel, a director who rejected a bid to buy on Facebook.

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