Mourinho: I'm too young to go to China

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has insisted he has no plans to coach in China and hopes to remain at his current club for the long haul.

Arriving in the summer after leaving Chelsea midway through last season, the Portuguese tactician claimed he has settled well to life at Old Trafford.

In fact, so happy is Mourinho with United that he would instantly sign a contract extension at the club if he was offered one.

"I've had a lot of support here and the feeling that three years [the length of his contract] is not the length of time I'll be here," Mourinho told Sky Sports.

"I've always had the feeling that I'll stay for a long time. I'm loving it here, at every single level. I love my job at Manchester United and if the club brought me another contract one day, I'd sign it.

"I don't even need my advisers, I'd sign it because I love it here. The money in China would be attractive to anyone but more than that, I love football at the highest level.

"At 53, I'm too young. I have too many years of football left to go to a place like China. I want to stay at the most difficult place to win so I'm in the right place."

In recent days, the Red Devils have also been heavily linked with a move for Benfica's Swedish defender Victor Lindelof but Mourinho claimed that speculation is a case of stories being made where there are none.

"In Portugal, the front pages say that every player is coming to join Manchester United," continued Mourinho. "It is normal. The same thing happened when I was at Chelsea and Real Madrid.

"But I keep saying the same thing, that I like my squad as it is. I am also happier in the summer transfer market that the winter one.

"There is more time, more choice. I think that one is better but we'll see what happens."

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