Chelsea wins 9 in a row

After the first three wins at the start of the season, Antonio Conte began landing in fact the Island. While Chelsea was ahead in the score Swansea won and followed results with large groups were unsuccessful in Liverpool (1-2) and Arsenal conceding three goals by half-time (3-0). It was that point that allenatore took an important decision, which was to change not only the fate of the group but also the image and feeling of the Premier League. The 47 year old did something that gave him a lot of solutions when the results were dificult for Juventus and the Italian national. Turned the system to 3-4-3.

That's it. The Blue returned directly to the three pointers to double in Hull (0-2) with Diego Costa and Willian and took great victories especially psychologically against the champions, Leicester (3-0) and the alleged contenders, Manchester United ( 4-0). The common denominator in these three successes was that Chelsea's defense had received no goal and this ... Italian was to have a future. Followed the important away win against gritty, Southampton (0-2) and then had the Everton.

The Merseisainters at Stamford Bridge have not passed it away and lost 5-0 in a match in which the keeper, Thibaut Courtois, did not touch the ball and said he did "extra warm up at half-time." The journey to the seat of Middlesbrough was happy return since with another goal from Diego Costa, Chelsea defeated (0-1) for the 6th consecutive games without a clean sheet. This streak was alone omen title for Londoners, since from 7 teams in the past have done something similar in season Premier League, five in the end celebrated the title.

But the stage was and then he wins sometimes give much more than three points. The Tottenham early prior to the visit to Stamford Bridge and looked in complete control for 45 minutes but was enough a moment of magic from Pedro and the best goal for November to turn around the match. Beyond the points victory to dope 2-1 Blue showing and believe that they can succeed even when things go wrong seriously. As that happened the next race, the strongest test once run his winning streak, away against Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola's team prior to half time and at the beginning of repetition had crazy chances to finish Chelsea, but they didnt. By Diego Costa scoring goals, gives world-class assist to Willian and Azhar to end the party, the fabulous Blue took victory at Etihad making clear that they are favorites for the title (1-3). Against teams like the Spurs and the creation of Citizens, Conde just pulled passion, and intensity , but the next obstacle was completely different.

After battles against City and Tottenham, Chelsea did not have this luxury in Sunday home games (11/12) with the special defense, West Bromwich Albion, but again Diego Costa was there to clean up. Tony Pioulis team has done exceptionally job,  but the Spaniard made the stage alone stealing ball and ending with goal from difficult angle. It was the 12th goal of top scorer in the league with which the Blue reached nine consecutive wins in the Premier League for the 5th time in their history and became the first team to do something similar.

The Blues reached nine consecutive victories in October 2005 and April 2007, and have put the bar even higher. In January 2006 they went up to 10 consecutive wins, but the record remains in September 2009 when with coach Carlo Ancelotti had risen to 11. 3 of the 4 previous runs were in seasons where at the end, they conquered the championship. Better record is only from Arsenal, who in August 2002 reached 14 consecutive wins and Manchester United had 12 just two years ago.

It is most common image with Conde entering the terrain and congratulates each player separately, either the absolute protagonist or eight minutes subtitutes, just as he did in his first season at Juventus. "I do not care about the streak," he said after the ninth consecutive victory. "What interests me is to get wins in every match." The good thing for Chelsea and their fans is that these two go together ...

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