Guardiola has used 24 different tactical systems!

Pep Guardiola

In order to find the formula to win football matches Pep Guardiola will leave no stone unturned, and that includes utilising an incredible 24 different tactical systems so far during his coaching career.

At Barcelona everything was much easier.

Guardiola himself recognised this in a phrase that appears in the book by Marti Perarnau: The Metamorphosis - "My only tactic was for Barcelona to get the ball Messi," he said.

The importance of Argentinian in the whole game, meant that deployment of other systems was not necessary.

In Munich however, the reality was very different.

There were technical systems and formations that were forced upon Pep's Bayern side by rivals and the large number of variants, but not all, are also being used at Manchester City.

"These systems or modules, were used in 160 matches in Munich and are still being used," Perarnau notes in his book.

"In a game, Guardiola can use two or three and some in a very timely manner.

"The 5-3-2, for example, has been used only twice and both against Dortmund - to counter the approach of Klopp.

"So I want to see the City-Liverpool match because, for me, this is like a chess game now.

"It's exciting learning how coaches such as Koeman, Luis Enrique, Pochettino and Rogders want to play against Guardiola."

The variety of options that Guardiola is willing to employ shows him as a coach who is open to learning new ideas and someone who won't stick with the 4-3-3 that he was used to playing and coaching in Barcelona.

Pep has been typecast many times as to being someone who plays a very particular system, but his evolution has been constant.

Changing things up has often seen unforgettable games such as the 7-1 win against Roma, where he used an unusual 3-1-4-2 formation.

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