World debt at 152 trillion dollars

At $ 152 trillion, the highest level in history, reached the global debt in 2015, according to data from the International Monetary Fund, which are more deeply until now research on the issue.That debt is more than twice the economic activity throughout the world - and in particular amounts to 255% of global GDP - currently the world economy faces a number of challenges and is slowly recovering from years of crisis."The world debt is one of the major setbacks to growth in the global economy," he said at a press conference in Washington, the head of the Financial Department of the IMF, Vitoria Gaspar.About two-thirds of the world, ie, almost $ 100 trillion, weigh the private sector, businesses and households. And public debt but has increased significantly during the crisis.Most of the debt is concentrated in developed and rich countries, but the problem touches many developing forces, the main example of China, which has greatly increased its lending in recent years.

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