Winner and Champion, Marc Marquez

While the two Yamaha's of Rossi and Lorenzo fall in trying to reach him, Marquez wins for the first time at Motegi and automatically anointed Champion 2016. Second and third the Ntovitsiozo the Viniales.

Best conditions started the GP of Japan at Motegi. All three contenders for the championship were on the starting line, Rossi, Marquez and Lorenzo started well, with Marquez start better than everyone and goes first in the first corner. However with the tires not to have reached the ideal function, was Lorenzo who was in first place in the first round. Marquez was second and Rossi third and "train" that lasted for three rounds, when Marquez and Rossi arrived in Lorenzo and Marquez managed to get past and start off. With Marquez be in great shape than we showed the pace of the morning warm-up that finished first, it would be difficult from both Yamaha to reach him and make him pass. For two other rounds turn remained unchanged, with Marquez first, Lorenzo second and Rossi looking way to get past the price-MELT. In the 8th round, Rossi managed to get past Lorenzo and immediately create a difference one seconds and put his head down, trying to get closer to Marquez who had gone forward. The rate of Marquez was good but best of Rossi, with the doctor to gnaw the difference when ... the 10th round Rossi made an incredible gift to Marquez, when he fell from the front and essentially gave the championship to the Spanish factory driver of Honda . The rest of the race now seemed to have lost interest, with Marquez away front first, Lorenzo second and third place Ntovitsiozo slowly but surely approaching the Lorenzo. And interest now turned to the back seat, the fight had both Suzuki, with Espargkaro and Viniales to change places when disaster struck for the second time the Yamaha team. Lorenzo loses the rear in a slow turn and falls making champion automatically him Marc Márquez.
Marquez after updating it and Lorenzo was sidelined, made a conservative race and won for the first time at Motegi. In the second place went Andrea Ntovitsiozo and third the Maverick Viniales.
Marquez this year made an excellent course, showed determined to curb his enthusiasm characterized the severity and effort collecting results with the result of right. Marc Márquez is the worthy champion of the season, three races before the end of.

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