Why Greeks support Trump

Remaining three weeks longer for the presidential elections in America, that will bring to the White House and in the position of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. While here in Greece the vast majority would like to see Hillary wins the nomination (the logic "the lesser evil, optimum"), is not the case with the Greeks living in the US.
Our expatriates will support Donald Trump and even at a rate that can reach even 80%. It may seem "crazy" for all of us who live in "mom-home" can even it is believed that the Trump would be, if he is elected, a dangerous President of the World, the Greek-Americans did not share our own fears . Quite the contrary. For about 4 million expatriate billionaire Republican candidate is the best solution.
And they have their reasons to believe that.
... The past Hillary Clinton
"As foreign minister, he never stood on the side of Greece, nor on the side of the Greek community in America." The Greeks believe that they know what they can expect from the candidate of the Democrats regarding our country and claim that the samples are not at all positive. They think that Hillary is not philhellene consider that is very close to Turkey and the Erdogan government and believe they will never support the interests of our country. "Bear in mind some of the activities of the former First Lady or the decisions and positions with respect to Greece and its national interests?"
The Latin American immigrants
The Greeks, of course, experience their own everyday life in America and consider that one of the biggest problems that exist is that of illegal immigration of Latin Americans, who spend every day the border with Mexico. Typical is the view of former President of the Federation of Greek Associations of New York, George Georgopoulos that the Greek community support the Trump because of the measures announced for illegal immigrants who are stressed as "carcinoma in the United States."
The Greek immigrants, rarely have the necessary documents and generally believe that these intentions Trump focused on Latin Americans. Indeed, according to our expatriates, they are responsible for the increase in crime in the US and in New York in particular, which indeed is the "center" of the Greeks of America. So consider that ... the gathering that the Trump promised is not only welcome, but necessary.
What do they do, mostly, the Greeks of America? With SMEs. Have restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. One of the main arguments So come and that pushes them to choose Trump is what these elections for themselves and their businesses. The program of the Republican candidate includes favorable tax regulations for SMEs, which naturally pushes expatriates to support him. For, although they need to think the "mom home," maybe the entire planet, but who it is that when he goes to the polls without thinking and ... pocket?
Another reason why the Greeks finally choose Donald Trump is that, no matter how far they are, they still are ... Greeks. It was an overwhelming majority that lives and walks with the principles and beliefs that existed in our country when they emigrated, that even 40 years back. For example, the community all older is "uncles" and "aunts", even when there is absolutely no affinity. You will often hear opinions like "the woman is good to stay home and grow children", which coincides perfectly with the beliefs of Donald Trump. The fact that the Democrats have a candidate woman, is one reason, important for many, that makes them turn to the Republican millionaire.
But even those who now have overcome such kind of beliefs, keep cautious attitude to American SMEs, which do not trust. The "war" who believe that the Trump receives, makes many believe that we should do the opposite of that in the ... indicated.
Beyond everything else, the Greek immigrants who went to America and managed to find their feet in difficult conditions (something that happened in the largest percentage of expatriates), they see the face of the tramp ... the reward of their own race.
The fact that this is a successful entrepreneur is another "plus" in the list "is a millionaire, that is proven successful and crafty ..." say features, explaining why they support him on November 8.
These then are the main reasons that the majority of expatriates will support Donald Trump. Naturally clear that as electoral power, the Greeks in America, they can not seriously affect the outcome.

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