This is the New Mobile Cable

Be with the little toe on the corner of the bed or stick a header with the cabinet door glasses kitchen because someone has left open ... are some daily routines that put the nerves to anyone.

Of these there are more, and certainly the reader can add some. However, there is one who is born relatively recently and is due to the arrival of the smartphone and how tedious it is to load daily.

However, what humans know is that shippers and cablecito seem to have life. There are to be treated with love to connect well and loaded. There are other subversives who are disconnected before its owner turned on. And there are some that although it seems that everything is fine, do not charge the thing. But above all there are the suicidal spirit, that is, those who love to finish with the leg of the nightstand, under the bed or anywhere in the floor of the room for the human foot tread them happy BRACKET ASSY and everything ends.

Fortunately, the company Native Union has proposed that shippers, their cablecito and humans have a more zen relationship. To do this, they have created a type of cable with a weight at the end, close to the pin, to prevent it from being disconnected and finish somewhere in the floor of the room or office. "The weight serves as an anchor for the cable to stay right where you left, solving the daily frustration of hunting boot around the floor of the bedside table or under the desk," says co-founder of Native Union, John Brunner .

This cable also has a length of six meters and the weight is adjustable to suit the user's needs. Also, the connecting joints are prepared to withstand the stress of daily use. Its price is around 35 euros and is available in various design and two colors.

Native Union is an American company that was "born of a shared passion for good design and well-made products," she says on its website. Founded by John and Igor rejects plastic and industrial designs and aims to "offer an elegant alternative for the modern individual." In addition to original design as the cable, Native Union has a wide range of mobile accessories which uses materials such as leather, wood or marble.

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