The new MacBook Pro

The new laptop model Apple MacBook Pro will feature a fingerprint reader and a touch bar at the top of the keyboard device, the company said today.
This was announced by Apple in a ceremony led by the technology giant's CEO, Tim Cook, held today at its headquarters in the California city of Cupertino (USA).
Apple celebrates this event presenting new products just two days after releasing its results for the fiscal year 2016, in which profits fell and annual income jointly for the first time since 2001.
"For 25 years we have been defining and redefining what a laptop and today we will do it again," said Tim Cook in his speech.
The technology company unveiled its new generation of MacBook Pro, which includes the main novelty incorporating a touch bar, called Touch Bar at the top of the keyboard.
It is a narrow strip tactile and interactive possibilities offered to the user depending on the program you are using at that time.
Thus, if the Safari browser is used, the Touch Bar displays suggestions and your favorite websites; while if you are working in a word processor, the Touch Bar propose, for example, words related to what the user typed.
In addition, the Touch Bar, which Apple used in a very intuitive way, give you access to system functions such as screen brightness or volume of the computer.
In addition, each user can add or delete the features you want to customize your Touch Bar as more convenient to consider.
On the other hand, the MacBook Pro also present a fingerprint reader under the name Touch ID. This innovation will allow access by simply swiping the surface of Touch ID device. It will also facilitate the purchase of items through internet safely.
The new MacBook Pro laptops are available with screens 13 and 15 inches, will be lighter and take up less volume than the previous range, and will have four Thunderbolt ports.
Apple also announced that the new MacBook Pro will have three different configurations: one 13-inch screen without Touch Bar, a 13-inch Touch Bar and an additional 15 inches also with Touch Bar.
The price for each of the MacBook Pro varies. The cheaper the 13-inch screen without Touch Bar, which will cost $ 1,499.
Those devices incorporating the new Apple touch bar will be priced at $ 1,799 for the 13-inch screen and $ 2,399 for the 15-inch.
From today you can order and buy the new MacBook Pro, but sending those devices with Touch Bar will not start up within 2 or 3 weeks while the new model without touchbar will store today.

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