Obama's role on new memorandum

New revelations about the role of the Americans in the government's decision to sign the new 2015 memorandum, come to light. According to e-mails published by the Wikileaks President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton sought to affect Greece to accept tough austerity conditions in 2015.

In the current article presents the RT and correspondence on the same subject. Recall that a few days ago had revealed the White House conversation with Mn. Clinton asking him to intervene to Alexis Tsipras to agree this with lenders.

According to a publication of the RT, the Wikileaks published correspondence of July 10, 2015 between the head of the campaign of Clinton John Podesta and the chief of staff Bill Clinton Tina Flournoy. The first e-mail the Podesta asked the Flournoy if the former president could invite the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras.

"The White House asks me if the WJC (William Jefferson" Bill "Clinton) has relations with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to the call and advise him to do a deal," says Podesta writes.

The Flournoy responded saying that Clinton would call, but that "the immediate question is -You push and Merkel? '.

Then the RT to publish his notes that "at that time Greece had decided against the measures imposed by Europe and the IMF after the global economic crisis. Greece is threatened with bankruptcy and exit from the EU after five years of austerity. Days prior to this correspondence, Tsipras told the people 'say no to ultimatums, not to blackmail.' ' The Greeks did referendum rejected the agreement on 5 July. "

The new e-mail coming to light

However, as revealed on the same day and sent another message to Greece by Amitabh Desai, Advisor on Foreign Policy Bill Clinton, addressed the chief of staff of Barack Obama Denis McDonough.

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