Cyberattack on Dyn is the largest in history

The cyber-attack of October 21 is the largest ever recorded in history, say experts in the Internet security issues.

In the attack used a new "weapon", the botnet Mirai, which managed to lay off thousands of websites simultaneously. Botnet is a network of computers, which is remotely controlled by a user without the knowledge or approval of the individual computer owners.

Victim of the attack were the servers of Dyn company, which controls most of the DNS infrastructure (Domain System Name) on the Internet. Mirai struck Dyn on October 21, which remained under constant attack for most of the day, setting off sites like Twitter, the Guardian newspaper, the netflix, CNN, and many more in both the US and Europe .

Unlike other botnets, which usually consist of computers, Mirai composed of the so-called «Internet of Things» (Internet of Things), devices that can connect to the Internet, such as digital cameras and recorders DVR. Because there are so many devices with the possibility of Internet connection to select, attacks in which the Mirai is much larger than one could achieve a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service).

Dyn believes that the attack involved "100,000 malicious endpoints," and continues to investigate the case. According to reports, the force of the attack may be exceeded 1,2Tbps. If these reports are true, the attack of October 21 is at least 2 times stronger than any attack ever recorded.

A security expert told the British newspaper The Guardian that he can not remember a DDoS attack that had even half the effect that this had on the Dyn.

"Many of these cyber-attacks start as a particular kind of attack but then transformed into something new or different. I can not speak on behalf of anyone else, but I believe that we do not really understand the dangers. "

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