Venger sent out Mourinio

Τρομερό! Ο Βενγκέρ... έδιωξε τον Μουρίνιο!

The fight against the two men continued with another episode, this time off the pitch.

It is known that Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho retain so much against eachother that now they do not care or keep up appearances!

The last episode of their turbulent relationship took place in the UEFA coaches meeting in Nyon, Switzerland.

Specifically, according to what was written by the Spanish "Marca", the Jose Mourinho arrived in the room it prepared to talk Sir Alex Ferguson and while few positions were left vacant.

The Portuguese, having first greeted Rebrov, Zidane and Emery, headed to one of the empty seats that happened to be next to that of Wenger. Mourinho asked if he could sit with him but Alsace technician ... the earthed negative response and causing much laughter and talk to other attendees in the room!

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