Tidal effect

Impressive video recording rocks almost to 'immersed'

Undoubtedly would not want anyone to find unprepared when the tide waters rise to the Hopewell Rocks area of ​​Canada.

The timelapse video of the sign shows the sea to fully cover the beach and reaches a height of 15 meters.

At low tide tourists roam the beautiful beach with impressive rock formations dominate but several hours later when the tide comes in, the sea is paradise for those exploring by kayak the scenic beauty.

According to the Daily Mail, the beach is three hours before and three hours after low tide and it is believed that the phenomenon at this point is caused by the form, shape and depth of the Bay of Fundy where the rock formations are located.

Guests, however, not to worry as there is staff that takes care to remove everyone from the beach before the sea close to the rocks to ensure that nobody is left behind.

This point is known as the whale watching area as rich waters attract more than 12 species of whales.

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