Mourinio against Pep

Manchester United welcomes noon Saturday Manchester City and against Jose Mourinho with Pep Guardiola transferred to English soil.

There will be blood. There Will Be Blood is. These two in the same city. To date in the same country were found and lived scenes landscape of great beauty. Now daily will separate the short distance. Can the Portuguese to go to the supermarket and be ahead in the Spanish Fund. Guardiola wants to go drive for service and to tell the crew that they can not serve because Mr Mourinho. In the same restaurant next to the table next table can be found.

Not like. In fact one does not want to see another. And do not hide it. Once coexisted in Barcelona: Guardiola was a player and Mourinho was a partner - interpreter of Sir Bobby Robson. Neither should not keep the file of their shared photos as the years that followed broke an unprecedented personal against. This usually caused, of course, it was the Portuguese, who has no good reason for anyone. And the Spaniard looked to respond at every opportunity.

"When you enjoy what you do not lose your hair and Guardiola is bald. That means he did not meet the football "is one of the venomous quotes the« Special One »for his colleague. He said other so cute.

"The Guardiola is a fantastic coach, but I've won two Champions League: Porto with one and one with Inter Milan had to take fifty years. He only one should be ashamed of that season. I would be ashamed if I had won with the scandal of the "Stamford Bridge" and if you win it this year will be in the "Bernabeu" scandal. I hope one day Guardiola have the chance to win a regular Champions League and a league clean, without scandals, "he said ironically around the Portuguese in 2011.

Mourinio could not resist the Spanish and answered before the semifinal Barcelona with Real in the same year on the Champions League. And ... poison was so that the jealous and the Mourinho himself. "Outside the stadium has won this year. He may feel that takes its own Champions League. I do not mind at all. Can I fix you a list of what complains. Total 300,000 things. Madrid is the boss, is the GSG @@@@@ the boss. I will not go into competition with it, "were the words of Guardiola, who before starts talking about his opponent had been addressed to them ironically cameramen asking:" Which camera is Mr. Jose? "

Total 16 times have been faced both coaches. Portugal's 16-year career on the benches has 22 titles, the Spaniard in just seven seasons has celebrated 21 trophies.

The two have worked together in Barcelona. Their relationship, which anymore closes twenty years, it was not bad. There was, of course, and buddies. "We had a functional relationship. We were talking when we had doubts about some things and exchange ideas, but it was not a relationship defined by us. It was just his assistant Mr. Robson and I was a team player. " That was their relationship under Guardiola. Not to say and warm ...

Mourinho could have taken Manchester City in 2012 when Jorge Mendes in ... promoted as a replacement for Roberto Mancini. And also according to English media, Guardiola was the first choice of United to succeed Louis van Chaal. Just the "Citizens' closed early Spaniard and so the" Red Devils "went to ... second solution!

That was not the first time the Portuguese came second in the preferences. In 2008, following the departure of Frank Rijkaard, he wanted to take the coach of Barcelona. The Portuguese had already become the «Special One», he won the Champions League with Porto and had taken the league in England for Chelsea. He made a long time to overcome the fact that he preferred the less experienced Guardiola, who then worked in the second team as a coach, with assistant of the prematurely lost Tito Vilanova, who was to also get into the sights of Mourinho in subsequent their own conflicts Real - Barcelona.

Obviously and against the City with United has nothing to do with it (social, historical, political, and not just sports) Real with Barcelona. In England, Mourinho has already done the course and he who loves ... badmouth is Arsene Wenger. Now you need to divide the ... poison!
It is the first time you meet on English soil and the first as coach of the Manchester teams. ... The first clash was scheduled several weeks ago in China under friendly preparation. Fortunately or unfortunately that game was postponed due to heavy rain. The climate, of course, preparing days ago. And let Mourinho responded to the persistent questions of journalists that no problem is not with Mr. Guardiola and why not welcome and they have to split up and, above all, are professionals.

In tomorrow's match, Mourinho will have an extra weapon at his disposal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Another not nourish any estimate for Guardiola. The last four months of their joint presence at "Camp Nou" not exchanged not a word, nor look. He writes in his autobiography Swedish striker he thought even retire after against the Spaniard technician. Barcelona was ruled by the Inter of Mourinho and Ibrahimovic had passed change five minutes before the end. Requested an explanation from the coach and broke: "He shouted 'You have authority a @@!' And I told him and others, rather worse. 'Go to hell'. I was completely crazy! 'The more you do it in front of Mourinho' I said. If I were the Guardiola then, I will scare "," What if it happened between us, as manager was fantastic. As a man, however, I do not want to make any comment. Or, rather, I can say that it is not man "commented some time ago the Swede, who he wants as Mourinho to see the Spaniard leaves the" Old Trafford "with the head lowered.

In England there is the custom with the wine you wont Cairns coach the team hosted colleague. Who would not want to have a camera on Saturday afternoon in Mourinho's office at "Old Trafford" when expecting the Spaniard to drink with a glass of wine.

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