Formula 1 bought by Liberty Media

After more than ten years, the rights of the Formula 1 leave the hands of Bernie Ecclestone (will remain for three years Executive Director) and pass to them the American colossus Libery Media, which is supported by the tycoon of the media in USA, Jason Malone. Similarly, the new ownership of Formula 1 will be involved and the Chase Carey (company).

Since the acquisition is projected to win Eklestooun close to EUR 500 million, which will continue to hold 5.3% of shares.

The 85 year old and previously big boss ridge motorsport said:

"I would like to welcome Liberty Media and Chase Carey in Formula 1, I look forward to working with them."

The Carey, who remains a member of the board of 21st Century Fox of Rupert Murdoch and is also director of Sky plc will be the new president of Formula 1.

"I admire much the Formula 1 as a single, global entertainment sport attracts millions of fans per season throughout the world.

I see a great opportunity to help the Formula 1 to evolve and develop to prosper for the benefit of sports fans and investors, "he said.

In the agreement reached contains two parts. The first provides for the transfer of 18.7% and later, just make the relevant checks by the FIA ​​(world motorsport federation), will be allocated the remaining 81.3%.

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