Civil war in Yamaha

And ... in civil Yamaha continues. In fact, he has not stopped last year because of the way he lost his title from Valentino Rossi Jorge Lorenzo. Of course, lately it seemed that just everyone did and watched his job.

However, an overtaking of Doctor at Misano was the reason to light ... the blood between the two champions. It all started from the Sunday press conference (11/9), while Lorenzo followed up by speaking to the media in his country.

However, the answer came from the VR46, which stressed that it would not allow (for some time yet) teammate characterize dirty driving. "It was like any other passing, like that made me Pedrosa or all those made to me by Marquez at Silverstone.

I will not allow Lorenzo to say that I drive dirty when overtaking because this is not true. And he is aggressive overtaking of in me. Anyone can draw your own conclusions, "said the nine-time world champion.

However, this time was in favor of Rossi by Marc Márquez, who spoke of normal overtaking the Italian. "I saw Valentino (Rossi) to overtake. It was a normal overtaking. Maybe a little aggressive, but ... your home always give something more.

Valentino is smart, he knows that and Jorge (Lorenzo) has good pace and make aggressive overtaking, "said the leader of the standings. Thus, everything indicates that this counter will continue, either within or outside the track, while interest will be what role will be played in 2017, when the hand Rossi will be back at Yamaha and Lorenzo to Ducati ambitious.

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