30 diet tips

If you lose a few extra pounds was anyway laborious process, the conflicting advice you read here and there, made the case even more difficult. With each "special" to have a sense of how they will work off the extra pounds, it is sometimes impossible to separate fact from science fiction.
If you plan to start a weight loss program or diet you follow does not bring the desired results, it is appropriate to consult your trainer or doctor for the appropriate solution. Meanwhile, the following list of basic tips for your diet, will help you significantly.

1. Try to eat as many fruits - ideally more than five a day. This will prevent you ligourefteite other less healthy foods such as cookies or other snacks.
2. A glass of cold water can help you lose weight. Research has shown that the very cold water is even more effective at burning calories. Anyway, the water will be a key component of your diet, so you will not be too much trouble to drink a little colder than usual.
3. Vegetables contain few calories, gives a lot of energy and helps effectively to maintain our weight. Many avoid buying vegetables because they fear that they will not consume before spoiling. However, even frozen vegetables remain excellent solution, as maintain all their nutritional properties exclusively for us.

4. The next time you go out to eat, try to eat half than they get used. A sufficient portion may consist of a slice of bread and a half plate of rice, pasta or cereal.
5. Eating crisps or nuts directly from the pouch can be dangerous. You will probably eat more than you want and the calories will make ... party. It is advisable, therefore, to put all these "dangerous" snack on a plate or bowl to control how and what you eat.
6. Few spices to your meals add flavor and easily bring satiety (therefore eat less).
7. On the shelves of supermarkets there are many substitutes of our daily menu. Margarine instead of butter, margarine and other low-fat products and the oil or vinegar, can make a difference. Just remember that "low fat" does not always mean fewer calories, so take a look at the sugar content before you put something in your basket.

8. Try to ... survive for two weeks without cookies, chocolate and other foods with sugar and fat. It may be difficult at first, but you will be surprised how soon disappear your craving for them.
9. Drink plenty of water. The opposite can slow weight loss and inadequate hydration pouring rate of our metabolism by 3%, which means you burn fewer calories.
10. Do not try to lose weight too quickly. It is better to lose weight at a slower and steady pace, thus increasing your chances to get rid of extra pounds permanently. And of course, do not be discouraged if after a few days you have not accomplished a lot of things. Stay consistent in your design! Ideally, you should lose one to two pounds per week.
11. A small meal before going to the party you're invited, is sure to keep you a little further away from the buffet. Also, a glass of water or a cup of tea before you leave, you will also take your appetite.

12. When you sit down to eat, do not fall in the face to your plate. You should enjoy your meal and give it all your attention. You will feel much more satisfied than that!
13. The word "byrokoilia" did not come out at random. A glass of beer contains about 200 calories, so drink alcohol only on weekends, but be careful not to overdo it.
14. Keep a calendar that you eat everyday. You'll be surprised how quickly the calories gathered, but also it will be easier to follow your program against the overweight.
15. Learn to always eat at the same place (eg the table in the kitchen of your home). Should become routine and avoid meals in front of the TV or computer.
16. Since we all know that vegetables are incredibly healthy and contain few calories, try to eat a lot at the beginning of your meal. When it's time for the main course, you will probably eat less!

17. Many "trendy" diets are popular because they usually are easy and have quick results. Many times, however, the manner in which the weight loss occurs is not healthy, and studies have shown that most of those who follow such diets regain the weight in a short time. The best approach, as always, is to eat in moderation and exercise regularly.
18. Brushing teeth immediately after dinner will keep you away from evening snacking. Although a small snack before bedtime may not add extra grams, our metabolism slows down while we sleep and burn fewer calories. Therefore, if you want to eat something anyway, choose something healthy and light like an apple for example.
19. Go out shopping only when your stomach is full. So you are not hungry and therefore are more likely to buy foods that do not want or need you .. In addition, make a list of your shopping and try to follow it as closely as possible.
20. If you can find a / a friend / a who also wants to weaken would be ideal. They are very useful tips that people who manage to resist their appetite.
21. Some minor changes in the kitchen and your daily routine can greatly help in your quest. Prefer olive oil for your food, replace white bread with whole grain and choose turkey, tuna or roast meat instead of sausages. Drink milk fat and avoid carbonated drinks since sugar is not only damages your diet and your teeth.

22. Reduce the amount of salt in your food. The high salt foods do not bring only thirst but open and appetite.
23. Carbohydrates are important, but will soon xanapeinasete. But they get enough protein for several hours. Try a breakfast with peanut butter or eggs and a dinner plate with fish and vegetables.
24. It is not necessary to completely cut all your love you for the sake of your diet. If crazy about chocolate, simply decrease the amount you eat or prefer dark chocolate that not only tastes great, but is full of antioxidants.
25. Build the home snack of work. It is more economical and thus will set the portion size, will control the calories and fat and put nutrients are hardly prepared dishes. Indicator solution is a big salad with some fish or lean meat.

26. A good breakfast, rather than a large meal later in the day, can be extremely beneficial. The rich breakfast can boost your metabolism for the rest of the day, while giving your body time to "burn."

27. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite of your meal. When you eat fast, you put in your stomach more food than you really need. The more slowly you eat, the less likely to drop your heavy eating or feel heartburn.

28. If you definitely want to eat something sweet, try one chew sugarless gum. Sometimes we just have to fool ourselves, chewing something without actually eat.

29. Fresh spinach can accompany almost any meal. It can be used as a vegetable pies, sandwiches, soups, pasta and of course as a salad. Spinach is a good source of Vitamin A and B and iron. It contains ingredients that act as antioxidants and protect while even cancer, so try to include in your diet as often as possible.

30. If you get used to eat in the evening to relax or to cover a gap, you need to focus on the problem and the fight without food. A walk or a little light jogging are excellent to shed stress.

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