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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sex, Drugs & Silicon Valley

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Once a month, the former winners of the schools that excluded the sex chapri inventions take their revenge, giving fasaraki a party with isotonic drinks, many drugs and orgies, according to a Bloomberg reporter revealing magazine
Until now they have xanamesei the Giapis of Wall Street or film stars who were prone to all sorts of orgies: the old generation addicted to adrenaline, drugs and casual sex has been replaced by new technologists tycoons, starring in organizing such party type. Only these have changed character: they are accompanied by non-alcoholic beverages, they are isotonic and offer plenty of drugs that include or rather dominate Molly pills - the new trend.

It is the shifting of the old ecstasies, which also have as a necessary complement the strong beats, children's music or at least the high decibels that can bring the new members to euphoria. So, there are all the times when "Eyes Wide Shut" fantasies refer to directed states of rage between candlesticks and old libraries. Now the rages are taking place on boats or in unknown suburbs of San Francisco with key starters new owners of startup technology companies - the new Silicon Valley mongers. Women are understood to be here, as in the case of Wall Street, almost absent or, in any event, playing exclusively the role of entertaining guests.

All these reveal the book by journalist of Bloomberg Emily Chang, which after thorough investigation into the dark world of technology - and part of - and chauvinistic behavior of men who have primacy in the field wrote the book «Brotopia: Breaking the Silicon Valley Boys' Club, which is due to be released in February.
Excerpts but only secured the «Vanity Fair» and have already caused great concern for the multitude of information surfacing about the orgies and the aggressive behavior of the various managers and key personnel who star in Silicon Valley: «At least one month, usually on Friday or Saturday nights, Silicon Valley technocrats gather for a full party for drugs and sex. The most common event is hosted in a luxurious home on the lips of Hillsborough.

In special cases, guests are forced to travel north, to a tower in the Napa Valley or to a private villa on Malibu beach or a boat in Ibiza. The parts are changing but most of the players and protagonists are left alone. " To add with some surprise the writer that the stories told her "about 25 people from those who participated in these parties are remarkable for different reasons each. Many participants did not seem annoyed, nor did they seem ashamed.

On the contrary, they are proud to speak of how they have overturned traditions and personal examples, just as they do with the world of technology. " In short, Silicon Valley's young protagonists consider it natural if they think "out of context" with regard to their inventions, to do the same in the other areas of their lives. Of course, in this case, the choices are, according to the writer, again victims of women, as their possible participation makes them insolvent for the company, and their respective denials put them on the black list. As for men, the explanation of the argument is simple and probably has to do with the fact that the college's foreign nerds, who have been deprived of an intense sexual life by devoting more time to their next invention, now take their blood back with occasional conjunctions and orgies. In short, the well-known nerds become short-time entrepreneurs.

As the Vanity Fair points out, it is not accidental to circulate the book in times when everyone is talking about sexual harassment and abundant examples come to light every day. When everyone is focusing on Hollywood, few get bored to talk about San Francisco and Silicon Valley. The journalist and writer Emily Chang is doing the first thing in a nutshell: "It is likely that directors and top investors will hold a million dollars a year and earn another million after a long career.

But employees in companies such as Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat can make the same money in only a few years. Famous people such as Kutcher, Leth and Di Caprio have already invested in such companies. Basketball player Lembron has already re-launched himself as a technology entrepreneur. With so many famous people wanting to get into the game of technology, it's no surprise that some in Silicon Valley consider their world to be very charming - and they also have great expectations for their sex life. "

In short, new millionaires are no longer coming from the problematic stock market or the world of bankers but from technology.

The author uses testimonies by others to emphasize how absurd this world looks to non-Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and brings some examples from the economic field. She does not, however, conceal details of the way such gatherings are organized, according to testimonies of people who have witnessed or participated: "The guests arrive just before dinner and are scrutinized by special guards who can not accept someone off the list. Sometimes there is special catering.

But because in most cases they do not want irrelevant guests, dinner is cooked on-site by those present - perhaps because the dishwashing, after sweet, helps the world come closer. Alcohol is scarce and there is just to cool the atmosphere a little bit, but drugs do not slow to make their appearance. It goes without saying that MDMA, ecstasy or else Molly, is known for its effective effect on transforming strangers into friends. It's no accident that Molly's pills often list the company's initials. That's why some people, when referring to these parties, make it coded with "e-parties".

"MDMA is the terribly powerful and long-acting drug that causes such euphoria and energy that can keep you active for three or four hours. As dopamine increases, the closer the links become in the room, and the behaviors that are needed are gradually overlooked.

Hats and splashes begin. However, they are not orgies in themselves but for individual sexual encounters where the guests are divided into trio or larger groups. Some people disappear in the rooms, although they often open it in front of everyone. The night leaves and dawn comes in, and the groups serve breakfast - after which they restart the erotic works. Fai, drugs, sex, and sex again. "

"These sex parties happen so often they are not even scandalous - and they are not a common secret. At least they are telling me. It's just a lifestyle issue. As most say: "We no longer live in the age of Makarhism but in Silicon Valley of the 21st Century". No one is required to participate and participation is not kept hidden even if it is a married or in a relationship. They just try to be discreet - at least in their everyday lives. Many are invited to the party as husband-couples, lovers, since the new regularity in this world is open relations. "

Ready for jungle ceremonies!

A new world is born in Silicon Valley where nothing is taken for granted - not even a companion. Of course, electronic invitations usually have codes like "we call you at a party on the edge of the Earth". And guests must be "ready and prone to adventure and enjoy jungle ceremonies."

In this call, which was sent to an invited guest named Jane Doe (a pseudonym that is used in English either for someone unknown or for someone who does not want to reveal his identity), the hosts were the same a pair of her bosses - who naturally participated in the "African-inspired orgies."

The specially designed room of the house had safari decoration and was full of fake skins in the place of the carpets, while it had fur pillows ready to welcome the guests. It goes without saying that the majority of the guests in such a party must be women - and this for the author is indicative of the male-dominated world but also of the underestimated role of the woman in Silicon Valley.

The same is true of another woman who has happened to be present: "Women rush to these parties most of the time to secure a better place. To be clear, there are many party slogans depending on the type of sexual experimentation. Some are sexually exclusive, but they do not have any alcohol (to achieve high performance), while others make sure there is a better proportion of men and women.

Most, however, have a lot of drugs and many women and end up with the famous "cuddle puddles" (the group hugs after parties), which is the essential stage for orgies. Men are usually invited by the host and can bring as many women as they want - but they are not allowed as women's escorts. Women invited are required to be alone. Invitations are sent either verbally or through Facebook or Snapchat because they can be deleted after a while.

It goes without saying that everything is encoded so you can not move it to another source. Besides, they do not need to be explained.

Typical is the case of Ava who "worked as an influential executive at Google when her boss succeeded in such a party. He saw him sitting on a specially-made bench and giving a jerk in the back of a young man who made him a mouthful of love at the same time that she was accepting the penetration of someone else.

Ava and her boss exchanged eyeglasses, but never mentioned that fatal encounter. A few months later, in another incident, far from Google's offices, a married colleague attempted an obscene gesture. And when he told him "but what are you doing, you're not okay! Do not touch me! "He replied," I know what you are doing, everyone in the office is commenting on you. " It is no coincidence that a little later she was forced to give up and leave Google completely. " And this is indicative of the fact that, while no man is stigmatized by his participation in such orgies, it is not the same as women who are always punished in the worst way.

An example is Esther Crawford, a businessman who was particularly familiar with sex parties, as the author says: "Crawford had a monogamous relationship for four years with Chris Messina, a former Google employee and Uber, a well-known and as an inventor of the hashtag. Recently, both have launched a Molly company -which is not randomly identified with the name of the drug- developing a kind of "electronic and discreet pet with artificial intelligence that can stand in different ways next to the user."

They even chose to become monogamy for some time, because complicating things with others complicated things a little. At the same time, they developed their company to such an extent that in December 2017 they had already raised $ 1.5 million for their company. Crawford, as a successful entrepreneur, could accurately list the difficulties a woman encounters - which a man can not even think of.

When she raised money for her second company, a social networking application called Glmps went to dinner with an investor in a modern restaurant on San Francisco's main street. At the end of the night the investor cut her a $ 20,000 check and then immediately tried to kiss her. "It was clear I resisted him," Crawford says categorically. "I went back and asked him to call me a Uber." She claims that the investor is most likely to have heard of her being sexually open, and that it was difficult for her to simply appear as an investor rather than as a conqueror. It was something like his obligation. " A simple proof that a woman who is experimenting with a party of this kind or who can have a comfortable life in her sex life is obliged to accept the persistent sexual harassment of her male colleagues.

However, there is also the opposite side, according to the book, of the young owners of technology companies who also suffer the sexual pressures of young girls who are willing to take part in order to secure either money, a rich escort, or an upswing in some of companies. Chang, who is well acquainted with many stories from the world of technology, refers, among other things, to the case of Helen Pao, a senior executive in a technology company who had won the sexual harassment case against Clint Perkin's boss, but has since been in black stocks and he had received all sort of threat because he just dared to talk.

Of course he has never found a job in Silicon Valley. Another typical example that you see in the book is that of the well-known Sequoia company, where a shareholder has publicly stated that they are not willing to lower their standards by recruiting women, as well as interviews with Facebook and YouTube's director, through which it appears that women in managerial posts are a rare phenomenon.

More generally, the sexual examples cited by the famous journalist are intended to show that, like Hollywood, once considered the land of dreams and proven to be the land of discrimination, Silicon Valley is not a "fantastic world of unicorns, online reality bows, and three-dimensional lollipops, where millions of dollars grow on trees. It's a Brotopia, where men have all the cards in their hands and they are defending. " Even sexual liberation here is not mentioned for good - not as an example of freedom, but as a negative example of female oppression and marginalization.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Molly’s Game is the movie of the week

Sporthot | 12:46:00 AM |

Molly’s Game
2017 / Biography-Drama / 135 '

Directed by: Aaron Sorkin

Cast: Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner, Chris O'Dowd, Michael Cera, Joe Keery, Rachel Skarsten, Graham Greene and  Brian d'Arcy James

We had talked about Molly's game since last spring. Not because we were the mad or the blessed ones we predicted. But because it's impossible to have Aaron Sorkin's signature and not to talk about something very good. This has already been certified by the 2 nominations in the Golden Globes. One for his script and one for Jessica Sasein. For Jessica everyone says that Molly's Game is the interpretation of her life so far and is a powerful pole of competition for Sirla Ronan and Francis McDormand who seemed to be playing duets this year.

In Molly's Game, directed by Sorkin, Saseen plays Molly Bloom, a famous skier who has stayed in the modern history of America. Not in a good way. Molly left her skiing and became Princess of Poker. So she calls her own biography itself. Molly was the woman who runs the biggest poker games in Hollywood and of course not in a legal way. For a decade he has broken, having already taken the man he put in the game. The money passed through her eyes and hands can not be imagined. Her games featured Hollywood celebrities, athletes, millionaire businessmen and ... the Russian mafia.

In the film, we see the point where the FBI has discovered Molly and we focus on what she reveals to her lawyer, Charlie Jaffey.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The 10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2017

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The Fate of the Furious
It’s hard to believe we’re already well over halfway through 2017. When it comes to movies, the first half of any year is generally heavy on blockbusters, comedies, and films that studios like to dump in the early winter months, with more “serious” dramas and other Oscar-bait usually saved until the fall. So far, 2017 has been quite the treat at the cinema, with surprise hits like Get Out and Logan early in the year, and a string of excellent comic book movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man: Homecoming proving that the genre hasn’t quite run out of gas. Of course, like any other year, there were also a number of films that, for whatever reason, failed to live up to expectation. That isn’t to say that these movies are necessarily bad, but it’s doubtful that we’ll be seeing any of the following 10 disappointments appear on a list of the year’s best films when all is said and done.

10. Baywatch
Taking old TV shows and rebooting them into feature-length movies shouldn’t work but considering 21 Jump Street and its sequel are two of the best comedies made in the last five years, Baywatch easily could have turned out better. After all, it not only had natural charisma machine Dwayne Johnson as the lead, but Zac Effron as his co-star, who has been having a surprisingly good comedic run as of late with the Neighbors films. Unfortunately, while Seth Gordon’s Baywatch does its best to ape the structure and tone of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s irreverent Jump Street films, it is nowhere near as funny and never strikes the right balance between spoofing its genre tropes and actually exhibiting those same tropes unironically.

If Baywatch had doubled down on being on spoofing its source material (because let’s be real, Baywatch isn’t a series that deserves much in the way of reverence) instead of just falling back on dick, boob, and fart jokes, we may well have had one of 2017’s best comedies on our hands rather than a forgettable film that largely wastes the talents of all involved.

9. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
It’s a stretch to say that King Arthur: Legend of the Sword looked like anything special but given director Guy Ritchie’s track record, it really could and should have been better than it is. Ritchie excels at making fun action movies and King Arthur looked like it would fit the bill nicely, with Ritchie applying his brash, kinetic filmmaking style to one of the oldest stories in Western culture. And if you just watched the first ten minutes or so — which features gigantic elephants laying waste to a castle — you’d think Ritchie had pulled it off.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for Legend of the Sword to fall back on monotonous hero’s journey tropes, with Charlie Hunham’s Arthur being perhaps one of the most frustratingly reluctant heroes to grace the screen in some time. Throw in flat dialog, boring characters, and a story that doesn’t even involve Merlin — Ritchie allegedly was saving him for a sequel, which will likely never happen now — by the time Arthur picks up Excalibur and actually starts using it, you’ll long since have stopped caring.

8. The Great Wall
The Great Wall is a film truly made for the blockbuster market as it exists in 2017, when how a film performs in foreign markets is almost (if not more so) important as how it performs domestically. With a diverse cast of both Western and Eastern actors including Matt Damon, Willem Dafoe, Tian Jing, and Pedro Pascal, Yimou Zhang’s film feels designed by committee to maximize overseas profits, as it’s all spectacle and zero substance. This might have been acceptable if The Great Wall embraced its bonkers premise and filled its running time with outrageous scene after outrageous scene but other than a few inspired sequences, such as a battalion of hot-air balloonists, the film is surprisingly dull and unremarkable for long stretches.

An unusually poor performance from Matt Damon and low review scores were enough to earn a tepid box office response in North America but fortunately for Universal, foreign markets seemed to eat up The Great Wall, as the film earned more than 86% of its money overseas. If there’s a sequel, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the producers ditch the Western connections altogether and make The Great Wall 2 a fully Chinese-made production.

7. Alien: Covenant
Five years after releasing the divisive Prometheus, Ridley Scott returned this year with Alien: Covenant, a sequel that attempts to fix some of the problems people had with the former film. It definitely succeeds in some respects, as certain plot elements help fill in some of the gaps in Scott’s previous film and in terms of structure, Covenant takes its cues from the original Alien and goes back to its horror roots. It’s too bad then that it feels like Scott learned the wrong lessons from Prometheus as, perhaps paradoxically, Covenant is at its best when it directly references the events of that film and and its focus philosophical questions surrounding mankind’s origins.

This is still a film where people routinely make stupid decisions that lead to their deaths and outside of the stuff involving Michael Fassbender’s two android characters David and Walter (the film would be SO much worse off if Fassbender wasn’t involved), Alien: Covenant covers too much familiar ground to stand out as one of the Alien franchise’s best outings. It’s not a bad film by any stretch, but it’s also one that probably doesn’t need to exist either.

6. The Fate of the Furious
The late Paul Walker wasn’t a great actor in the technical sense but like many of his co-stars, he found his niche in the Fast & Furious franchise and was an integral member of its ensemble cast. Say what you will about the relative cinematic value of the Fast films but Walker’s send-off at the end of Furious 7 was pitch perfect and would have made for a great finish line for the franchise. Of course, Universal wasn’t about to let one of its biggest moneymakers call it quits just because one of its main cast members unexpectedly died, which leads us to The Fate of the Furious.

In some ways, Fate is a bold step forward for the franchise; not as significant leap as Fast Five was, mind you, but it’s still pretty ballsy to take franchise hero Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and turn him against his “family” he adores so much. While the film is book-ended by thrilling action set pieces, the intervening time is surprisingly light on character drama for having such a heavy premise. The film is also quite mean-spirited toward certain characters, in particular Elsa Pataky’s Elena. This is also the eighth installment and even with the injection of new blood like Charlize Theron’s villain Cipher, this fuel-soaked series is starting to get rusty and it’s becoming increasingly clear that we may never see a sequel that tops Fast Five.

5. War Machine
Netflix and Brad Pitt are both typically reliable sources for good entertainment, so seeing them team up for a big budget war movie should have yielded great results. Throw in director David Michôd, who has a pretty impressive track record as both a screenwriter and filmmaker, and War Machine could have been something special for Netflix to tout alongside the Academy Award-nominated Beasts of No Nation. It’s a shock then to find that War Machine is a film with an identity crisis, which makes it a frustrating viewing experience.

Michôd can’t decide whether he wants his film to be a serious war drama or satire, meaning that the tone is all over the place. This extends to Pitt’s performance as well, which plays like his Lt. Aldo Raine character from Inglorious Basterds, only with more scenery chewing. Even the presence of prestigious actors Ben Kingsley and Tilda Swinton aren’t enough to elevate War Machine above the level of mediocrity.

4. All Eyez On Me
After the excellent Straight Outta Compton a couple years ago, it’s fair to have expected a biopic based on late rapper Tupac Shakur to be of similar quality, especially given its subject’s legacy. However, outside of an excellent lead performance given by Demetrius Shipp Jr., director Benny Boom’s All Eyez On Me might be one of the worst biopics of a famous artist to be made in the last decade, if not ever.

The biggest problem with the film is that it attempts to cover every important detail of Tupac’s life without delving into any of the smaller details that contributed to this man becoming such a revered icon.  Boom’s film feels like it has nothing to say about its subject other than celebrating his legacy at every possible turn and is about as surface-skimming as you can get in a biopic (which is saying something given its 140 minute runtime).

3. The Book of Henry
The main problem with The Book of Henry is not that it’s a bad movie — which it very much is — but that it hammers home the fact that Colin Trevorrow has no business being allowed anywhere near Star Wars Episode IX, least of all in the director’s chair. There are no shortage of films centered around precocious children, but The Book of Henry’s title protagonist — an 11-year-old genius boy played by Jaeden Lieberher — is so smugly unlikable that even if the rest of the film worked, Henry would probably still drag the whole endeavor down.

Unfortunately, not much really works here. The tone is all over the map, switching from whimsical to terrifying at the drop of a hat and the film absolutely wastes the talents of Naomi Watts as Henry’s idiot mother who is constantly talked down to by her young son. Between this and Jurassic World — a decent, but unremarkable blockbuster — it’s difficult to see what Disney and Lucasfilm see in Trevorrow as a filmmaker that convince them to let him direct a Episode IX. Our only hope now is if Trevorrow gets canned or has some hidden talent he’s been saving to unleash on the Star Wars universe.

2. Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell was never going to live up to expectations, as the film was engulfed in controversy and negativity right from the get-go. The 1995 anime feature is widely regarded as a masterpiece of the genre and Scarlett Johansson’s casting was (rightly) met with accusations of whitewashing by those who would have preferred an Asian actress in the lead role. Setting those issues aside for a moment, director Rupert Sanders’ adaptation is surprisingly watchable, containing a number of inspired visuals and stylish action sequences.

The problem is that a story as complex as Ghost in the Shell arguably demands more than cool visuals and action, and in terms of weighty philosophical questions, Sanders’ film has nothing on the original. It’s a perfectly competent blockbuster and one made to appeal to a wide audience but if you’re a fan of the anime or just films that you think, Ghost in the Shell is a frustratingly empty viewing experience.

1. The Mummy
Positioned as the launching pad for Universal’s Dark Universe, a shared cinematic universe that includes the likes of Dracula, Frankensten, and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde (the latter of whom is played by Russell Crowe here), The Mummy is so bad that it feels more like a franchise killer than a proper introduction. It’s a shame too because Universal really could have had something here. The Mummy movies from the late ’90s/early 2000s weren’t cinematic masterpieces by any stretch of the imagination, but they were campy fun and felt like a more supernatural-themed alternative to Indiana Jones.

Alex Kurtzman’s Mummy reboot could have just aped that tone and style, thrown in Tom Cruise — who is generally a reliable, likable leading man — and made something decent. Instead, The Mummy is boring, charmless, and spends way too much time trying to introduce monsters for upcoming films that it feels more like an advertisement for franchise-building than a standalone movie (to be fair, the Marvel movies also do this but to a much lesser extent). If The Mummy is indicative of the quality of future installments in the Dark Universe, Universal should just scrap the whole thing now before they embarrass themselves any further.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Amangiri Resort, the Best Southwest Escape

Sporthot | 1:53:00 AM |
Amangiri Resort
Take in the seemingly desolate yet beautiful landscape. Then look closer. Designed to blend in with its surroundings, the Amangiri Resort is a hidden gem of the Southwest. Situated on 600 acres of protected valley near the Utah/Arizona border, this upscale resort offers fantastic views and service. The property's 34 suites and multi-bedroom homes share a minimal aesthetic, as well as desert or mesa views, private pools, and sky terraces for stargazing. Also available on the grounds are a gallery, a library, a restaurant serving locally-sourced fare, a spa, and the centerpiece swimming pool built around a natural rock formation. Over 20 minutes away from the nearest town, it offers blissful isolation with modern appointments.
Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort

Amangiri Resort


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The 10 Most Pirated Movies

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TorrentFreak's most pirated movies list is an excellent gauge of popular movies as well as the Hollywood zeitgeist.

This week, The Fate of the Furious screeches into sixth place on the list. Logan manages to claw his way past King Kong to the top. Maybe because of whitewashing concerns or just because it's not the greatest film, Ghost in the Shell looks like it might soon disappear.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WWE Divas On A Sex Tape Scandal

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WWE has been hit by a fresh spate of nude picture leaks, after explicit images and videos depicting two female wrestlers were allegedly exposed online.

Picture of former women’s champion Victoria, real name Lisa Marie Varon, performing an oral sex act and posing naked has reportedly been shared by hackers.
Lisa Marie Varon

Wrestler Melina Perez has also reportedly been hit by hackers, after intimate pictures of the 38-year-old former WWE star were also shared.
Melina Perez

Melina Perez

Victoria left WWE in 2009, and has since appeared under the stage name Tara. Melina was dismissed by the company in 2011 after she was accused of causing rifts between wrestlers behind the scenes. She has since denied the claims.

The scandal comes after British WWE star Paige was hacked earlier this month. A video was circulated online which appeared to show her having sex on a championship belt.
British WWE star Paige

British WWE star Paige

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Negan takes control

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The Walking Dead's season seven premiere got off to a bloody start with some dire losses. We've finally witnessed the carnage wrought by Negan and Lucille, and the results were absolutely horrifying. If social media hasn't spoiled it for you already (which we're about to do right now, so there's your warning), Negan completely broke Rick Grimes down in just one episode. Daryl Dixon got abducted as a hostage, and beloved characters Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee exited with a pair of the goriest deaths in television history. Series lead Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) described the new "Big Bad," Negan, as "a brutal, beyond words psychopath" in an interview with TV Insider. Now that we've finally met him on the show, let's break down how we saw Abraham and Glenn's deaths coming and prove why Lincoln's description was true.

What originally happened in the comics

Matching what happened in the unforgettable 100th issue of The Walking Dead, the Saviors finally reveal that they overwhelmingly outnumber Rick and Alexandria's forces and easily outgun them during the season six finale. Continuing with the source material, the Saviors ambush Rick's group and kneel them all down. Negan finally appears, talks a whole lot of smack, randomly chooses a victim, and beats them to death with Lucille, his barb wire-covered baseball bat. In the comics, his victim was Glenn, who'd followed Rick and the group throughout every major adventure up until that point. On the show, Negan also picked a target at random, but we didn't find out who until the season seven premiere, where it turned out to be Abraham. In a massive twist, Negan reacted to Daryl's defiant punch by claiming a second victim, Glenn, who ended up dying nearly frame-for-frame the way he did in the comic.
 Why did Negan choose Abraham?
 "Taking it like a champ," Abraham Ford was the first cast member to meet Lucille. Season six established the mustachioed ginger's character a bit more, especially in terms of his relationships with Rosita and Eugene (with his random and hilarious quotes, like "Why are dingleberries brown?"). Abraham has been through a lot since we first met him. He lost his family, was let down by Eugene's save-the-world lie, almost died for a rocket launcher, left Rosita for Sasha, and thought about having kids with her. In the comics, Dwight kills Abraham with a crossbow. On the show, though, Denise received that fate, so Abraham was already living on borrowed time.

Sure, it seems Negan chose at random, but he happened to choose the strongest-looking member of the group, which may have been a calculated move to take Team Rick down a notch. Missing the arrow, making peace with Eugene, embracing a new lease on life, and giving a huge, defiant look to Negan during the season six finale were all the signs needed to predict that Abraham would be first at bat. We'll miss you, big guy.
If Daryl dies, we riot 
Fans worldwide were worried that Daryl was going to get his brains bashed in by Lucille. Luckily, the beloved badass was only kidnapped by the Saviors as a hostage to keep Rick and his people in line. Unfortunately, all it will take is one act of defiance from the people of Alexandria for Daryl to die. Still, whispers that Negan may eventually kill Daryl are rampant, especially considering actor Norman Reedus has another AMC show on the docket, Ride With Norman Reedus, that may serve as a transitional series for hardcore fans of both Reedus and his character if he's killed off, and his biker show was already renewed for season two. Negan certainly has motive to kill Daryl, considering he knows the motorcycle-riding bad-boy-gone-good scorched a large group of Saviors with a bazooka.

The Walking Dead would probably never kill Daryl off facing a random zombie or raider, so if he were to die, it would ultimately be at the hands of the series' biggest villain. Dixon may have ducked Negan's first two swings, but you never know when Lucille will make a return.
Please, not Glenn!
The Walking Dead comic did it, so we always knew there was a chance of Glenn dying the same way. He just killed his first living humans in season six, which he lamented over greatly (despite them being bad guys). He also had a baby on the way. Based on how many times children end up with single parents on this show, we knew Negan was swinging for the fences when it came to this longtime character.
 Steven Yeun lined up some outside projects when The Walking Dead would otherwise be filming, and The Hollywood Reporter noted his current contract with the series (that only lasted a year) ended with season six. The show certainly had enough Glenn-related bat imagery throughout the series to convince us he'd end up dancing with Lucille, and Yeun's short contract corroborated his character's death.
Think back to Terminus: remember how Glenn almost got whacked in the head with a baseball bat? He just happened to be the first member of Rick's group in line to be killed with a Louisville Slugger. It was an intentional nod to this storyline. The show certainly spelled it out for us over the past few seasons, but you can't strike out forever.
The show hinted at Glenn's fate when he looked up while raiding the Saviors' satellite base and saw some of Lucille and Negan's prior victims in a collection of Polaroid photos on the wall. While we were still in shock at Glenn's death, a Savior snapped a Polaroid of his corpse, likely to be another addition for the collage.
Since hearing his voice at the end of the series' first episode and seeing him save Rick from dying in a tank, Glenn has been the heart of The Walking Dead. We've seen him go from being the speedy guy the group would send for inventory runs to becoming a cornerstone of Alexandria. We cringed at every moment he looked death in the eye, especially during that alleyway scene when we thought he died alongside Nicholas. Glenn brought a lot of down-to-earth humanity that the group lost after the deaths of Hershel and Dale, which makes his loss even sadder. If there's one thing we can count on, Team Rick will eventually score some payback for their fallen comrades—just as long as Daryl doesn't die.
Negan meme

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Premiere dates for Fast & Furious 9 & 10

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We may even have to wait one more year for Fast & Furious 8 to come out in cinemas, but it is already announced when it will premiere the ninth and the tenth part of the popular film series.

The revelation came through the Instagram of Vin Diesel, protagonist of the film. The Fast & Furious 9 So will hit theaters on April 19, 2019 while the # 10 to April 2, 2021!

It s definitely a weird move, since it is customary
premieres to be announced  five years before. As already announced by Diesel, this trilogy will complete the film series.

Still it is unknown whether
Gary Gray, director of #8 will be at the director's chair for # 9 and # 10 movies.
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