The brand new Huawei Mate 9

Huawei Mate 9

Performance, excellent pictures and superior battery all combined into one smartphone.

The smartphones users have begun in recent years to become more and more demanding and look for devices that can provide the best possible experience and to combine speed, excellent quality images, large screen, but not necessarily the device is bulky, and battery with large "strength." The combination is quite difficult and even more difficult to find a manufacturer that can offer him.

Huawei, however, can claim to be one such manufacturer judging from what has succeeded with Mate 9, which has been available for a few days in the Greek market with a suggested selling price of EUR 699 for the version with 4 GB of memory and internal storage 64 GB, expandable via microSD card.

Huawei Mate 9 is one of the most impressive devices in circulation. The display is at 5.9 inches, but nevertheless the device is not very big and practically at the same level models have 5.5-inch screens, being beautifully designed and comfortable to use. Based on an extensive research and development process, the Mate 9 is made through 50 different procedures, resulting in a one-piece metal precision framework. Every detail, from the soft texture created by blasting through the beautiful color palette, is the result of 25 years experience of Huawei and refined virtuosity that characterizes it.

Mate 9 makes first appearance of the new processor Huawei, the Kirin 960, which, according to the company, offering the best performance in the world. Additionally, one of the most attractive advantages is that utilizes machine learning algorithms, providing a fast and seamless experience even after 18 months of continuous use. He is also the first processor in the world that incorporates ARM Cortex-A73 / A53 CPU and Mali oktapyrini oktapyrini G71 GPU. The Kirin 960 provides better performance multi-core between all processors to smartphone, while reducing power consumption up to 15%. The GPU provides up to 180% improvement in performance and 40% improvement in energy efficiency compared to its predecessor. The Kirin 960 also make the most of the new standard graphics in Android 7.0, boosting performance up to 400%.

In addition to reduced energy consumption, the Huawei Mate 9 incorporates high capacity battery 4000mAh, the new fastest Supercharge charging technology. With advanced energy saving technology, Huawei Mate 9 increases the battery life to provide more than two days of continuous performance in normal use and 1.7 days for "heavy users."

After the great success of Huawei P9 with Leica camera with double lens wears the Mate 9 Leica camera Double second generation lens. the Huawei and Leica continued their effort to improve and enhance the optical performance of the camera, which is now composed of an RGB sensor 12 Megapixel (F2.2) and a monochrome sensor 20 Megapixels, supported by sophisticated image algorithms contribute to capture great photos. The RGB sensor captures incredibly vibrant colors, while the monochrome sensor captures intricate detail and depth to match the photographic style by Leica. Coupled with Optical Stabilisation function of Image (OIS) give the Huawei Mate 9 an advanced capability even for night photographing.

Meanwhile, the Kirin 960 is designed specifically to support dual camera from Leica hybrid zoom. Hybrid "4 in 1» Auto-Focus features a laser focus, focus on face recognition, depth and focus Contrast focus.

The Mate 9 features the new EMUI menu 5.0, thanks to which this smartphone is smarter, more efficient over time, understanding the user behavior patterns and ensuring that applications that use more will have access to greater system resources . This guarantees a long lasting smooth experience, since EMUI 5.0 slows the deterioration of performance all smartphones face.

Finally, EMUI 5.0 introduces a completely new design to user experience software. More than 50% of the features can now be accessed with two clicks, while over 90% can be reached within three clicks.

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